Minneskonsolidering (Memory Consolidation)

Our memories become distorted over time. They are affected by our emotions and the details we have experienced as particularly important. They are affected by our opinions and our world views. Our memories are subjective, but we perceive them as absolute truths.
Photographs help us remember. Nowadays this also applies to digital images. But images can easily be manipulated. What has happened or not is not as important as what we think has happened, what we experience as the truth.
We leave traces behind us. We distort and manipulate what we want to remember, and above all what we want the posterity to remember. Our brains decompose, our memories are fading. A constructed memory is all that remains. An absolute truth in the form of manipulated images.

In the art project Minneskonsolidering (Memory Consolidation), I reflect upon how our memories change over time, and how we perceive the past in relation to what we are taking for granted as the truth.

BERGAMO (2018, video, 3:57 min) deals with the subjective memory of a place, a time, a feeling. But above all, the film is about what we do not remember, and the gaps we choose to fill ourselves.

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