THE HUMAN CONDITION, PART 1: Everyone you love will leave you behind (2021, video, 6:03 min)

The Human Condition is an ongoing art project that aims to decipher the human psyche by dissecting different aspects of human behaviour. The film “Everyone you love will leave you” deals with relationships, self-harm and the concept of love/hate.

BERGAMO (2018, video, 3:57 min) deals with the subjective memory of a place, a time, a feeling. But above all, the film is about what we do not remember, and the gaps we choose to fill ourselves.

LARV (2019, video, 3:17 min) deals with existential questions about life, space and the absurdity of it all.
LARV means ”larva” in Swedish, but also ”nonsense”.
We are searching for intelligent life on other planets, but what are the odds that we will find something that’s more interesting than the life forms we take for granted, look past, or tread on in our daily routines?
When we leave the Earth behind us, on our future space travels, will we then reflect on the life forms we leave to die on our planet?
Noah’s ark without the animals.

SHARKS (2015, video, 5:44 min)

MEMORIES ON DISPLAY 2013 – 2016 (2016, video, 7:01 min)